Chelsea Apartment

Complete: Spring 2022
2500 sqft
New York, NY
Contractor: Aries Builders
Photography: Nicole Franzen

Winner of the AIA NY Best of Interior Residential Architecture in 2023, this extensive remodel joins two abutting apartment units in the heart of New York City, crafting a creative sanctuary for a growing family of artists and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the functional compartments of vintage travel trunks, the design focuses on efficient and highly adaptable uses of space that allow for opening up and closing down. Integrated casework provides ample storage solutions, while pocket doors allow the clients to move between public and private areas with ease. 

As a corner property, the original units’ natural spatial idiosyncrasies were resolved by implementing a long, linear circulation core, from the entryway to the living room, with an organic architecture that strategically delineates service and play. Characterized by its curved casework, collaborations with the artist-owner on custom wallpapers, and its modern furniture selections, the Chelsea apartment is an incredibly personalized, family-friendly home.


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