California Avenue

Completed: Spring 2018
Size: 2000 sqft
Location: Seattle, WA
Photographer: Mel Carter

California Avenue home was a remodel for a young professional in West Seattle. As a first time homebuyer, much of the furnishings were hand-me-downs from her grandmother. This traditional aesthetic was updated with modern finishes and a stark black canvas that contrasts with the overcast sky most commonly seen in Seattle.

The project scope included a full kitchen remodel and the conversion of the second bedroom into a dining room. This allows both spaces to open to the living room which greatly doubled the public space of this small home. Sliding glass doors were added to allow the dining room to become a office when not in use. Dark tones, layered textiles, and unexpected wall coverings were used to add depth and surprise to a traditional two bedroom Seattle bungalow. 


Paradigm Pushers
Gray Magazine, Issue #46, by Rachel Gallaher