East Village Loft

In Progress

Completed: Spring 2021
Size: 500 sqft
Location: New York, NY

Located in the heart of one of New York City’s most energetic neighborhoods, the precise usage of space for a creative young professional’s compact loft focused on creating powerful aesthetic moments to punctuate a maximally functional home for its owner to retreat to.

In need of a complete renovation, the overarching design concept for the studio apartment takes cues from Japanese domestic spaces, with subtle and integrated storage options throughout. Bright walls and pickled-oak floors accentuate the suggestion of openness granted by the unit’s original skylight and its impactful archway feature, while custom cabinetry hides amenities to maintain a clean palette. The bedroom setting is elevated onto a custom platform, complete with storage underneath, to create a distinct program within this minimal footprint.


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Glasswing, 01.07.2021, by Glasswing